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Happiness By Design

Joy Rooms are uniquely inspired spaces that are thoughtfully designed to help kids and young people living with limited conditions. Each project is designed to impact both physical and emotional well-being.


While individual Joy Rooms greatly impact the recipient, they also allow the entire family to have greater control in daily living. They improve functional needs of the individual, provide a dedicated space for the administration of treatments and motivate engagement. They also provide a space for rest or create hubs for social activity.

We create environments that for some kids become magnets of activity; for other kids a place of respite. For all the kids and families we serve, we aspire to create spaces that deliver joy.

Due to our generous donors, trade partners and sponsors, Joy Rooms are provided at no cost to the family.


Firefighters for Healing

See the respite space we created for youth burn victims. A space they can "get away" from their life-changing injuries and just be a kid for awhile.

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Hans’ Wonderland

Hans is a medically-complex disabled boy who qualifies for hospital-level care to keep him safe and healthy.

This Joy Room helps both him, his family and his many caretakers.

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St. Paul Intervention Project

Discover the magical space we designed for youth facing domestic abuse — a fairytale escape that will fill their hearts and imagination of all that is good in the world.

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Isaac's Tree House

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Bennett Park

Spina bifida is no longer benching Bennett. We created an amazing space that allows him etch ability to develop his body, mind and spirit so his life can be a home run.

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Braeden's Sweet Space

Who is the real Superhero here? 
This young man now has a place to develop his independence and study in college. 

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Kodiak's "Brave Bear" Den

Kodiak, both blind and deaf, needed a safe space to satisfy his sensory-seeking needs to help him, and his family, thrive.

Joy Rooms In Progress


Highland Friendship Club


Jayden's Space

Meet Jayden, a 13-year old boy with autism. Our goals for this project are to increase Jayden’s ability to self-regulate, enable ownership of his therapeutic space, and provide a space for Paxton, his service dog and best friend.

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Do you know of a child or organization that could benefit from a Joy Room? Please fill out the form below.

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