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Joy Collaborative
is truly a collaboration

We are powered by a dedicated group of impassioned volunteer designers, contractors, tradespeople, compassionate board members, generous financial sponsors, and invaluable donations from the community. 

These folks are the heart and soul of what we do, and they're changing the lives of some seriously deserving kids and their families. It's like a big group hug of support and love. They're not just giving, they're making dreams come true, bringing smiles, and creating brighter futures.

Together, we're making magic happen!

Mark Ostrom

Founder, Executive Director & Creative Director


It’s a quote we hear often, and I’m thrilled that we consistently get such a strong reaction. It is not easy work, but for the youth we serve, we can never raise the bar too high. 


There is a gap. A gap between care provided in a home or clinic setting, and all the activities that are involved in caring for a kid with a diagnosis. Joy Collaborative  was created to champion youth with life-limiting medical conditions by harnessing the power of design to build one-of-a-kind environments that bring delight, enhance independence, create community, and foster well-being. 

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Board of Directors

Nicole Deters

Joy Collaborative's mission is an essential one in our communities. I have spent my entire career giving back to those in need. Joining the board of Joy Collaborative is another way to do that in my personal life too. 

Mary K.jpg

Mary Kinder

I joined the Joy Collaborative board due to the unique mission and work. At this stage in my career, I want to give back my nonprofit finance experience to other organizations


Michelle Arulfo

Joy rooms bring life-enhancing joy into the home. An entire family is impacted by the healing and stimulating environment. I believe joy rooms transform the future of the youth, their families, and the community. 

Mike Orum_edited.jpg

Mike Orum

Every person, every child deserves joy. Our services improve lives and make lasting quality of life changes for kids and their families. 


Melanie Zaelich

Being able to help bring happiness to someone is an amazing experience. I joined the Board of Directors to help spread the word (and joy) about Joy Collaborative so we can serve even more youth. These amazingly strong young people deserve as much happiness as possible. 


Kathy Jalivay

I contribute to Joy Collaborative because I believe a safe and appealing environment can be a powerful and impactful conduit to thriving.


Summer D. Miller, Ed.D.

I've spent years navigating the unique needs and gifts of my children who have an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) diagnosis. This journey can feel overwhelming, but we don't have to travel it alone. I am excited to create pathways for other families who desire an inclusive experience that brings out their children's joy, beauty, and brilliance. 


Tim Harris

My reason for serving is simple — I’m allowed to use my skills to affect change and bring joy to people in the community around me. Joy Collaborative’s mission aligns closely with a core belief of mine; that everyone deserves a beautiful, accessible space where they can thrive, create, and connect. 

Joy Squad members are the superheroes of our team —  
we can't thank them enough for all they do. 

The time, creativity, skills and passion they give make a world of difference, 
we couldn't achieve our goals without them.

Become a member of the Squad
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Thank You to our Corporate Partners

They bring the financial muscle and expertise we need to make things happen. Their support isn't just about the dollars; it's about teamwork and shared goals. With them, we can achieve more and create a bigger impact. So, hats off to our amazing corporate sponsors – they're a key part of our success.
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In-Kind Partners

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