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Isaac's Tree House

Inspired by Isaac's imagination, we created a secret haven that is creative, therapeutic, and where neighbors and friends are excited to join him.

Copy of Make A Wish - Isaac Treehouse East Bethel MN-0423
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Copy of Make A Wish - Isaac Treehouse East Bethel MN-0321B

Meet Isaac

Isaac, age 10, who lives with cystic fibrosis, feels isolated from friends — and has a strong desire to play in nature. He imagined a special place in his family’s wooded property with some very specific and unique features that will encourage friends and family to visit. 

This elevated tree house features hammocks, a deck with furniture for socializing, a zip line, climbing holds and pulley system to keep him active, and his favorite feature: a library and movable bookcase leading to a secret escape.


As well as countering attention deficit disorder common in young people, nature play increases creativity, responsibility, and confidence.  Additionally, increasing physical play will support increased heart, muscle, and lung function, the latter critical for those with cystic fibrosis.  

Construction Process

IMG_1007 (1)

The Finished Joy Room

Thank you to our Design & Construction Team

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  • American Society of Interior Designers

  • Cre8Play

  • IMEG Corporation

  • Lucy Interiors

  • SpaceCrafting

  • TAMA Glass

  • Unique Carpets

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